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Arijit Singh didn’t know that one vote, against a fellow contestant, would turn his whole world against him. Worse, he didn’t know that his medical problem of “opposite valvation in the heart” would act up soon after. He felt breathless. He collapsed. Doctors rushed on to the Sony sets…...  | Read.. 
Be in touch with life
Our return flight was not due to take off until well after mid-day. We decided to take in a bit of sightseeing. We stopped in...  | Read.. 
WALL OF FAME OR SHAME: In Fame Gurukul headmistress Ila Arun's room, contestants are scratched out as they are voted out of the competition. Arijit Singh and Rooprekha Bannerjee (seen in the top right box), both from Bengal, are still in the race, struggling to keep mind and body going
Reality bites
Hello, it's Sunday, September 18, 2005
On stage
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City Lights
Shop stop and showbiz
If the better part of your days is now being spent at the malls — with barely three weeks to go for the three-day festival — here’s something to spice ...  | Read.. 
Stars shine bright on drizzly night
The premiere of Bratya Basuís second directorial venture, Teesta...  | Read.. 
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