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Sound serials
Indian satellite television sure is noisy. Tulsi (dhad-dhad-dhad)' tu baa jaisi kab banegi' Kumkum tu bach kaise gayee (dha-daak dha-daak), Kripa (clang-clang) tu singer ban hi gayee, Jassi' (dhishaynk-dhishaynk-...  | Read.. 
I wanted to get into the tub
Some people think its a girlie ad, that it questions my sexuality. But I love the idea of getting into the tub, j ...  | Read.. 
Traitor' Bad mango'
Ive the highest regards for Sonu. He was at one time my best friend in Mumbai. Today things seem to have soured irrever ...  | Read.. 
In Broadway and Hollywood the death of a writer is front page news
Its sad yet encouraging. Screenwriter Sujit Sen who died unsung recently, is the subject of a new biographical film. No ...  | Read.. 
Blow the conch shells
It was nice and quiet on the sets of Datta, 77, an updated version o ...  | Read.. 
Gladiator sport'
Shes gutsy and raring to go. And shes just made a hardhitting film on the rape of a revolution called DanshRead.. 
View from the couch
It’s been a hectic time on television, what with Madhur Bhandarkar jostling for space with Sania Mirza...  | Read.. 
If you thought Shah Rukh Khan had joined the hair-bandwagon then you have another think coming. No, hes not joined Aami ...  | Read.. 
Two classics from Shradha at one go! Pre-Puja shopping never had it ...  | Read.. 
Madhur tomar (vol. 2) Suchitra Mitra Bhavna; Rs 40 ...  | Read.. 
Dubbed dud
Smriti Iraani in Kyunki...Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi... and (left) Gauri Pradhan in Kutumb
Sound serials
Breakthrough' Ha-ha-ha