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Corporate hospitality hot at Oval
Indian curry millionaire Sir Gulam Noon today told The Telegraph that he had paid '550 each for 10 tickets to entertain his corporate guests at the Oval, where the last Test between England and Australia got under way at 10.30 am in brigh...  | Read.. 
Mobile menace in air
Mobile telephones can still interfere with vital flight equipment on aircraft despite advances in technology, experts sa ...  | Read.. 
Musical tribute to a poetic vision
How Birendra Chattopadhyay without any institutional patronage attained a mythical popularity among the Leftist radicals remains one of the potent illustrations of the power a...  | Read.. 
Village drama
Oral folk tales ' especially ballads and epics ' have always been a steady source of material for both Western and Indian dramatic traditions. Kasba Arghya’s Chandraba...  | Read.. 
Almost like wisps of a cool breeze
The story of Alam sounds like a fairy tale ' a runaway boy from the then East Bengal, who rose to the high pedestal of the most revered musician of the country. While other e...  | Read.. 
Tappa for the kings
Modern-day Ramayana
Repetitive melody
A banner on the roof of the gasworks at the Oval during the match between England and Australia on Thursday. (Reuters)
Corporate hospitality hot at Oval