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Police told to clear toxic New Orleans
New Orleans police will try to force Hurricane Katrina’s survivors to leave the fetid city today as the political storm grows over the botched response to the crisis and cost estimates rise to as high as $150 billion. ...  | Read.. 
Homeless, but not refugee
Tyrone McKnight sleeps in a shelter. His meals come from the kindness of strangers. It’s safe to call him homeless, because his house is under water. ...  | Read.. 
For Katrina victims, stars build shelter from storm
Sheryl Crow, the Dixie Chicks, Randy Newman, Neil Young, Rod Stewart, Alicia Keys and Paul Simon will perform at Friday’s Hurricane Katrina benefit organised by the majo ...  | Read.. 
Confession by Saddam
Ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein “confessed” to ordering executions and a campaign against Kurds in which thousands of people are said to have been killed, Presid ...  | Read.. 
Helena Bonham Carter at the Venice film festival. (Reuters)
Spit-kit trap
Church cut
Rubens art
CSI effect: criminals are getting away
Television shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, depicting forensic scientists at work,..  | Read.. 
Annan accepts oil-for-food lapses
UN secretary-general Kofi Annan accepted responsibility today for mismanagement of the oil-for-food..  | Read.. 
Nepal protesters clash with police
Police fired water cannon and tear gas and used rattan stic ...  | Read.. 

Bangla crackdown
Bangladesh police raided hotels, conducted random checks of ...  | Read.. 

Mubarak favourite as Egypt votes
Egyptians voted today in the country’s first contested ...  | Read.. 

Unveiled: New Apple phone that’s also an iPod
Apple Computer Inc. today unveiled a cellphone that works l ...  | Read..