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Morally repugnant
There is absolutely no justification for the United Progressive Alliance government's puzzling decision to donate five million dollars of Indian public money for relief activity in America's southern states, which have been hit by Hurricane Katrina. ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
A little thought
Sir ' The government, and even Indian society, is not particularly bothered about bad children, goo ...  | Read.. 
Cruel Katrina
Sir ' Mainland Americans seem to be finally paying the price for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan a ...  | Read.. 
The first-ever meeting between the prime minister, Mr Manmohan Singh, and representatives of the All Party Hurriyat Conferenc...| Read.. 
Why is there a health minister in a state like West Bengal or Uttar Pradesh' Malaria, arsenic-poisoning, and now dengue and J...| Read.. 
The More the Merrier
The Japanese have known it was coming for years, but it arrived sooner than expected. The Japanese population has gone into a...  | Read.. 
Face the new reality
Recent bomb outrages, presumably perpetrated by fanatics, are easily docketed as al Qaida's work. This, again presumably, invisible nerve centre of internet-linked aggression ...  | Read.. 
Prevention is better than cure
The Yokohama message emanating from the international decade for natural disaster reduction in May, 1994 underlined the need for an emphatic shift in the strategy for disaster...  | Read.. 
Native always means people who belong somewhere else, because they had once belonged somewhere. That shows that the white race does not really think they belong anywhere because they think of everybody else as native. ' GERTRUDE STEIN