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This week I have a fantastic website for you on biology. Although it is called, senior school students, too, would find the website worth their while to browse through.

The website is back to being a free one after experimenting with subscriptions for some time, thanks to the vagaries of Internet commerce! But let's not get into that, we have more serious stuff to bother about, like studies, right' And we haven't covered many websites on biology till now. So let's get down to analysing the 'cell structure' of this interesting site.

You can start by choosing one of the links on the homepage. Readers of this column will remember the Chemistry4kids and Physics4kids websites reviewed here. Like its sister websites, Biology4kids too is a great way of understanding the nature of living organisms, including humans.

The site uses simple, day-to-day language to explain the complex structure of plant and animal life on earth. Illustrations, diagrams and graphics have been used in a very effective way. Take, for instance, the section on cells: it is illustrated with neat diagrams and the cell parts, like the membrane, nucleus, ribosomes, mitochondria and cell duplication processes like mitosis and meiosis, etc, are explained lucidly. You will even find some tips on remembering the various phases of cell duplication.

Though the lessons may appear to be elementary for senior students and appeal more to beginners, seniors too can go through the site, if only to brush up on the fundamentals. Do visit the site ' it's a great way of learning a subject. You are bound to enjoy it.

Abhinay Dey

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