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Acting fresh
Though the last two years, and even the first few months of 2005, were terrible times for untried acting talent (and for those watching them in the audience), the last few months have hotted up, with new actors of all shapes and sizes making a beelin...  | Read.. 
Kya dialogue maara!
Here are some ‘demolition’ lines ...  | Read.. 
‘I don’t need Tabu to sell my film’
Says Ashok Kaul, a filmmaker with an Army background. By Subhash K. Jha...  | Read.. 
‘It needs to be told’
Vinta Nanda to make a film on Mahesh Bhatt’s life. By Lata Sinha ...  | Read.. 
Minding the Peas and Qs
Five-year-old cutely twisting up Wassup wassup with you girl, wassup wassup with you boy' Thirty-year-old dad feeling ...  | Read.. 
Telly go round
Prabir Ganguly, who took over the reins from Agnidev Chatterjee, in ...  | Read.. 
View from the couch
What makes News' Or more pertinently, who makes News' Karisma Kapoor’s very personal marital squabble has now bec ...  | Read.. 
SRK seems to have taken his title ' King Khan ' a bit too seriously. And His Majesty is on a generosity spree that’s fit ...  | Read.. 
1. Diabolic conspiracy and seven days to find and fight it out. 2. F ...  | Read.. 
Bondhu raho raho sathe Debashis Roy Chaudhuri UD; CD Rs 75 ...  | Read.. 
Laugh riot of PJs
Post-comp games
Sonya Jehan in Taj Mahal
Great Indian obsession