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Asians put pound stamp on UK life
British Asians make up 4 per cent of the population of the UK, but contribute '103 billion to the economy ' about 10 per cent of the country’s entire economic output....  | Read.. 
Curse of celeb culture
When Salman Rushdie complains about being treated like a celebrity by the press, it is clear the effects of Iran’s fatw ...  | Read.. 
Computer in pool saves drowning kid
A 10-year-old girl has become the first person in Britain to be saved from drowning by a computer system. ...  | Read.. 
Symbolism sacrificed for motifs
Anasuya Mukherjee’s paintings ‘Reaching for the Buddha’ at the Kolkata International Centre for Arts, Literature and Culture are rather intriguing. The gestalt ...  | Read.. 
Devotion magic
Padavali kirtan doesn't have many takers these days. However, those who assembled at Sisir Mancha on the Janmashtami...  | Read.. 
Neither for grey cells, nor for heart
<% temp="Who can forget Char Adhyay, Raktakarabi or Raja, remarkable dramatisation of Tagore’s unique pieces by Sambhu Mitra, the doyen of Bengali theatre' ") if btag then temp=mid(temp,btag+3) response.write temp %>...  | Read.. 
Gesture within music
Fittingly boisterous
Pathetically comical
Actor-director George Clooney at the 62nd edition of the Venice International Film Festival on Thursday. Clooney's second directorial venture, Good ...  | Read