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Killer Katrina crushes US coast
Helicopters plucked frantic survivors from rooftops of inundated homes today and the death toll rose to at least 80 after Hurricane Katrina’s attack on the US Gulf Coast, which sent a wall of water into Mississippi and flooded New Orleans. ...  | Read.. 
‘Water was up to their ankles... rising fast’
The phone call lasted just long enough to break Bridgette Medley’s heart. ...  | Read.. 
Probe into Pak ‘rape’ ordered
Pakistan’s Prime Minister today ordered an inquiry into a woman’s claim that she was kidnapped and raped by police after causing a security scare in parliament earl ...  | Read.. 
Woman defies burqa ban in Belgium
A Moroccan woman living in a small town in Belgium has single-handedly triggered a national debate on multiculturalism after refusing to obey a municipal injunction to stop w ...  | Read.. 
Liz Hurley at the launch of her Beach Range designs in Sydney. (AFP)
Feline thief
Heavy rule
Zoo fears
Glen fame
Iran love fund for the poor
Iran is to create a $1.3 billion “love fund” to encourage poor young people to marry, the..  | Read.. 
Rushdie fury over Blair plan
Tony Blair’s support for faith schools came under renewed fire yesterday when Salman Rushd..  | Read.. 
Children killed in another Paris fire
French President Jacques Chirac ordered action on fire safe ...  | Read.. 

Poor forced into unsafe buildings
The deaths of nearly 50 people in fires in rundown building ...  | Read.. 

Bangla court stays coup ruling
Hours after the Bangladesh High Court declared the 1975 mil ...  | Read.. 

Key to asthma flare-ups identified
Psychological stress has been shown to have an effect on as ...  | Read..