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You the hero
Cinema is always inspired by life’s facts. The good ones, and the bad ones. Who’s the true hero of Indian cinema' Shah Rukh Khan' Nope. Salman Khan' Naah! Amitabh Bachchan' Afsos! Yeh galat jawaab hai...! You are! We are!...  | Read.. 
Your fave one-liner man is Gabbar Singh. Yes, he rules, and Sholay is the winner. For Veeru, the line that defines him ...  | Read.. 
Mangal, mangal ho!
This isn’t the first time it has happened. Nor is it the last. Actors sometimes tend to get a raw deal in the publicity. ...  | Read.. 
Will Tulsi die'
It’s got to be the biggest TRP-boosting gimmick in recent times. And it seems to be working better than the people behin ...  | Read.. 
‘When I closed my eyes, I could only see...’
Movie Moghul J.P. Dutta’s courtesan’s tale, Umrao Jaan, is courting a captivating cast while recreating an a ...  | Read.. 
TRPs jaise koi nahin!
Having changed from frump to va-va-voom, television’s favourite middle-class icon Jasmeet Walia is already ready for ...  | Read.. 
View from the couch
What an insufferable woman! But played by a fairly competent actress. Wish the same could be said about the guy who plays her ...  | Read.. 
Box office curves
A Rs 33 crore production, Mangal Pandey ----- The Rising, did a net box-office business of Rs 10 crore over the ...  | Read.. 
Esha Deol’s Punjabi punch knocked the living daylights out of a man who was trying to act fresh with her at the premiere ...  | Read.. 
Pierce Brosnan as Daniel Rafferty and Julianne Moore as Audrey Woods ...  | Read.. 
Priyatama he Apala Basu Gathani; Rs 35 ...  | Read.. 
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