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In an emergency room at a Finnish hospital, a man sprawled unconscious on an operating table as surgeons laboured to reattach the hand he had lost hours earlier while chopping wood....  | Read.. 
An Indian doctor?s triumph
The world?s first full-face replant surgery was unwittingly accomplished by a plastic surgeon in India, 11 years ago. The face and scalp (see pic ...  | Read.. 
A Step into The unknown
The Cleveland Clinic is the first institution to approve of facial tissue transplants from a cadaver to a patient whose face has been severely disfigured by ...  | Read.. 
A poster from the film Face/Off Face/lift
Exotic matter
Macho men
Size matters
Oldest cow
Unequal medicine
Vaccine renewal
Technical surgery
A radical solution
What?s the best-selling piece of personal electronics on earth' What?s more popular than computers, camcorders, digital cameras or even iPods' It?s the cell phone. Cell phone sales dwarf everything else. According to the Gartner resear ...  | Read.. 
Catcher robot
Remote viewing
Dump the pills
On the surface, it makes all the sense in the world: Since fruits, vegetables, and fish contain loads of healthy nutrients, why not isolate those vitamins, put them in pills, and gobble them up' And wouldn?t more be better' Then we could just sk ...  | Read.. 
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Madness in genes
The most irksome body function
World?s nutrition profile changing
Caesarean cuts ruin fertility
Breast milk for sale
Big pharmas buy favours
QED: Stigma of a lifestyle
Stigmatisation and discrimination of specific groups of people, and India?s policymakers? denial on widepread HIV infection, have kept the real picture of AIDS pandemic in this country under wraps. A recent exhibition of photographs by a Bri ...  | Read.. 
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