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Schoolgirls drop skirts for trousers
The school skirt could be going the way of the bustle and the farthingale. For the first time there are more girls wearing trousers in class. Sales of girls’ trousers have outstripped skirts, taking a 52 per cent share of the market, Britai...  | Read.. 
Not man enough' Act macho
Tell a man that he’s not “man enough” and he may exhibit extremely macho behaviour to compensate, new study f ...  | Read.. 
60 years after, the kiss lingers
This kiss has indeed lingered. ...  | Read.. 
Eliot wrote cat poems for godson
A hoard of unpublished letters by T.S. Eliot that were revealed for the first time yesterday, show how he may have writt ...  | Read.. 
Cheques on road to extinction
Debit cards and electronic banking will have killed off the personal cheque within two decades, a high street bank claim ...  | Read.. 
Hanging on like a yo-yo
Ever dreamt of taking a plunge from an aircraft' Well, you can turn that dream into a reality. Bungee jumping ' the simplest and most easily understood of all aerial extreme s...  | Read.. 
A girl poses with a huge pumpkin at an agricultural garden in Beidaihe, in north China's Hebei Province. Two over-100 kg pumpkins in the garden ha ...  | Read