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Road rage

Mahesh Dattani
playwright / filmmaker

I've lived in Bangalore a good many years now, and have seen the traffic situation here go from manageable to mad to totally chaotic. Bangalore has expanded by considerable limits in the last decade, with more people and more cars than ever before. But sadly, the infrastructure hasn't been able to keep pace with all this development. As a result, the traffic flow is quite bad, especially during peak hours.

I drive a Maruti Alto, and although it's a small car, I find some roads quite difficult to manoeuvre, which is why I let my driver drive most of the time. People taking their own sweet time in small lanes, blocking traffic behind them, is very annoying. And some drivers still feel this is a small town, so they have this 'anything goes' attitude. Not many of them, especially the autowallas, obey traffic rules. I see them stopping right on top of pedestrian crossings and some even go in the wrong direction on one-way roads ' not only a big inconvenience but dangerous as well.

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