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Pak court bar on Islamist bill
Pakistan's Supreme Court today blocked a proposal by an Islamist-controlled provincial government to introduce what critics say would be a Taliban-style judicial system enforced by religious police. ...  | Read.. 
Sobhraj to stay in jail
“Bikini-killer” Charles Sobhraj today suffered a major setback after an appellate court rejected his appeal and re-affirmed a lower court’s order sentencing hi ...  | Read.. 
No human skin on Britain’s oldest door
It has been in continuous use for almost 1,000 years, and for a long time people believed ' wrongly ' that it was covered in flayed human skin. ...  | Read.. 
Hijab heat in UK
Muslim women were urged yesterday by a leading Islamic cleric to stop wearing headscarves that could lead to them being attacked or verbally abused. ...  | Read.. 
Malik Zafar Azam, law minister of the North West Frontier Province government, in Islamabad. (Reuters)
Nasa mulls repair walk
Nasa was deciding today whether it needed another spacewalk to make shuttle Discovery safe f..  | Read.. 
Girl bomber tale bestseller
A new children’s novel featuring a 16-year-old girl being recruited by a terrorist group for a..  | Read.. 
Laden deputy warns of London raids
The operational commander of al Qaida, Ayman al-Zawahir ...  | Read..