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Woman on way home accosted
- Bystanders to the rescue, tease held for indecency

A youth on a motorcycle tried to whisk away a 27-year-old woman, walking down a pavement in Ballygunge, on Sunday night. He would have succeeded, had not a crowd on the street come to the woman's rescue and a police patrol appeared on the spot.

Abdul Bashar, in his early thirties, followed the woman, who works in a nursing home, for some time on his motorcycle and passed indecent comments at her. He was about to drag her away, when a group caught hold of him and later handed him over to police.

Abdul, who claimed to be a medical representative, was arrested under Section 509 of the Indian Penal Code, for 'uttering words or making gestures to insult the modesty' of the woman.

On Sunday night, the woman, a resident of Dakshin Kamarpukur (Kasba), left the nursing home around 9.30 and was walking down the pavement of Ashutosh Chowdhury Avenue when she was spotted by Abdul. He slowed down his vehicle and rode alongside her for some distance, all the while asking her to join him.

With no one around, the woman walked along, trying to ignore the passes.

'The woman asked him to leave her alone, but the youth would not listen. Abdul insisted that she come along, and they would go for a ride. He was, perhaps, under the impression that as the stretch was deserted, he would get away with anything,' said Kamal Kumar Patra, officer-in-charge of Ballygunge police station.

When the woman reached the Birlas' Lakshminarayan temple, she spotted a crowd and paused for a moment. Abdul, too, stopped his two-wheeler. According to witnesses, he walked up to the woman, struck up a conversation and then tried to drag her away.

The woman screamed, prompting three youths from the crowd across the road to run towards her. 'They caught hold of Abdul and demanded that he leave the spot immediately,' said a senior officer of Ballygunge police station.

But Abdul was not to budge so easily. He, instead, threatened them with 'dire consequences' if they kept interfering in his affairs.

'He claimed to be a local dada. 'Bhari mehenga par jayega,' he shouted back, as he left the place to fetch his accomplices,' said one of the youths who came to the rescue.

It was then that the youths spotted a police van and stopped it. The duty officer was told about the incident. The cops decided to lay a trap for Abdul and his gang.

Moments later, Abdul returned with his friends, and walked straight into the net.

Police then got in touch with the woman's husband, who rushed to the police station and escorted his wife back home.

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