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Competing woes
Many regard 'competition' and 'globalization' as essential for removing poverty through rapid economic growth. The communists are against both, not because they are poorly implemented, but because they want to protect constituencies among the industr...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Past caring
Sir ' However well-meant, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee's advice to 'Go to nursing homes' (July 25), sign ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir ' In the last two months or so, I have received perhaps ten telephone calls, all between 2.30 a ...  | Read.. 
The impending visit of the external affairs minister, Mr K. Natwar Singh, to Bangladesh will give an opportunity to both the ...| Read.. 
The least a museum of the arts is expected to do is to protect its object from the weather. Yet that is precisely where Bhara...| Read.. 
A few obscene things
Let's talk dirty. The 9/11 suicide hijackers ' all Arabs ' attacked the United States of America instead of Brazil or Japan b...  | Read.. 
Reserve strengths
The price of oil has gone up from $10 six years ago to nearly $60 a barrel now. Why is this so' A car-owner or taxi-driver in India would, of course, say that the prices of oi...  | Read.. 
Playing in the danger zone
It seems that the war to make the world a safer place to live is going horribly wrong. Suicide bombings had long become routine for Baghdad, Jerusalem or Kabul, they now find ...  | Read.. 
People who are always praising the past/ And especially the times of faith as best/ Ought to go and live in the Middle Ages/ And be burnt at the stake as witches and sages. ' STEVIE SMITH