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Converging attitudes
Remember a BBC poll last year, soon after the re-election of George W. Bush, which showed that the American president's victory was welcomed only in three countries' India was one of those three countries: 62 per cent of Indians who responded to the ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Criminals about town
Sir ' Calcutta, the city of joy' The city of lawlessness, more likely. The incidents of Sunday morn ...  | Read.. 
Mourning holiday
Sir ' As a humble citizen of this country, I have the highest regard for the parliament, its honou ...  | Read.. 
Violence precludes any discussion based on principles. The police action against agitating workers in Gurgaon will forever cl...| Read.. 
Beating a retreat may be the best option in some situations. Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee found himself in one such imbroglio w...| Read.. 
The Men After The Boys
Do senior test cricketers really need coaches ' Wonder what the Team India coach tells Sachin Tendulkar about batting or Anil...  | Read.. 
Walk on the other side
As the years pass, more and more of us are learning to live with terror, the prospect of sudden intense pain, the smell of blood and dreadful ...  | Read.. 
To continue the dialogue
Tackling climate change and promoting clean technologies, while pursuing energy security and sustainable development, will require a global concerted effort over a sustained p...  | Read.. 
A politician is the devil's quilted anvil, He fashions all sins on him, and the blows Are never heard. ' JOHN WEBSTER