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The iconic Motabhai
I.G. Patel's passing removes an entire generation I looked up to. He was a close friend of Mahendra, my elder brother, and hence an honorary elder brother himself; and in a Gujarati family, the elder brother is a sort of demi-god. That he excelled in...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Brothers in arms
Sir ' Terrorists have struck on London twice in the space of two weeks. Pervez Musharaf's speech de ...  | Read.. 
A little more force
Sir ' While it is indeed great that Calcutta's traffic sergeants have been able to put some 'fear' ...  | Read.. 
Fading green
Sir ' It is sad that Bengal's forests are shrinking along with those in the rest of India. It is sa ...  | Read.. 
Innocence is invariably the first and the worst victim of war. Britain is now engaged in a war against a disembodied enemy. D...| Read.. 
Whatever romantics may say, consistency is a public virtue. It is certainly a virtue to be worn proudly in public life. The L...| Read.. 
Friend in dire need
The prime minister in Washington, the pomp and circumstance, the Americans bending over backwards wanting a friend in the ext...  | Read.. 
Umbrella morals
Calcutta’s tolerance towards courting couples is exceptional. Other metros would rather obliterate their presence, says Janaki Nair ...  | Read.. 
Begin by clearing the air
Extracts from the communique issued by the G8 nations at Gleneagles, July 8...  | Read..