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England to Egypt on knife-edge
Far from being apologetic about the shooting of an innocent man by officers investigating the London bombings, Ian Blair, the Metropolitan police commissioner, said today that “somebody else could be shot”. ...  | Read.. 
Deserted resort faces brave tourist
With a flower in her hair, Austrian tourist Sandra Stiller is going against traffic at Sharm el-Sheikh airport, heading into the town as hundreds of others leave after bombs ...  | Read.. 
Egyptians ask why
People searching for the bodies of relatives killed by bombs at an Egyptian resort said today they could not believe fellow Egyptians had carried out the attacks. ...  | Read.. 
Muslims back police policy
Leading British Muslims last night backed the police’s “shoot-to-kill” policy to tackle the threat of suicide bombers, despite a police admission that the ...  | Read.. 
How many mothers’...  | Read
Vampire fraud
Wait to win
Maid rush
Scramble to sign up with Scotland Yard
The Metropolitan Police have reported a “huge surge” in the number of applicants since th..  | Read.. 
Book clubs put women on top
Once they had to disguise their identity just to get published. Now female writers are more likely ..  | Read.. 
Deuba loyalists, police clash
At least two dozen people were injured today when supporter ...  | Read.. 

Cloud over Iraq law panel
A suicide bomber in a truck blew himself up outside a Baghd ...  | Read.. 

Besieged Arroyo in survival speech
President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo must give the speech of ...  | Read..