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Film raises cloning ethics question
Armageddon director Michael Bay likes big bangs, fast chases and fancy gadgets but his latest movie The Island takes a new turn, addressing the pressing political issue of cloning and the ethics of science....  | Read.. 
Hudson at London door
Actor Kate Hudson (left) at the London premiere of her film Skeleton Key, with her mother Goldie Hawn, in Leicester Sq ...  | Read.. 
An unusual way to play sitar
A couple of interesting facts emerged out of a presentation on the Vishnupur gharana by sitar maestro Manilal Nag, anchored and conceived by his daughter Mita Nag and ...  | Read.. 
50-year-old affair with this city
Ayoung boy came to this city from Kerala exactly 50 years ago. Since then his cultural dialogue with this metropolis has grown stronger and gained fresh impetus. Govindan Kut...  | Read.. 
Melodic permutation
Eman in Bengal and Yaman in the north India ' the raga is also called Kalyan; and Kalyani in the South. It belongs to the Kalyan thaat in Hindustani and Meccha Kalyani ...  | Read.. 
Imaginative in snatches
Vacuum in conjugal life
D.L. Roy stylisation
McGregor, Johansson