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UK paid price for backing US: Report
An influential think-tank said today that backing the US in Iraq put Britain more at risk from terrorist attacks, an accusation forcefully rejected by Prime Minister Tony Blair's government. ...  | Read.. 
Bombers had visited Karachi
Three of the suicide bombers involved in the July 7 London attacks entered Pakistan through Karachi last year, immigration officials said today. ...  | Read.. 
Pervez slams militants
Denouncing the London bombings as “unIslamic”, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf accused banned militant groups today of forcing their ideology on others and sai ...  | Read.. 
Terrorist planned Israel raid
One of the suspected bombers in the London attacks visited Israel for one day in 2003, an Israeli official said today, bolstering a news report the British-born Muslim helped ...  | Read.. 
Kate Hudson in Hamburg to promote her new film The Skeleton Key. (AFP)
Rats! HK infested
Panda run
Park bash
Polanski testifies via video link in Vanity Fair trial
Roman Polanski’s personal life was put under the spotlight today at the start of a libel trial..  | Read.. 
Maoist top guns bury hatchet in Nepal
Nepal’s Maoist rebel leaders appeared to have patched up their differences today as the party&..  | Read.. 
Jude sorry for nanny fling
Hollywood heartthrob Jude Law has made a public apology ...  | Read.. 

Save your teeth, stop smoking
Smokers are more than 6 times more likely to develop gum di ...  | Read.. 

Shoplifter slur on men
Women may be the dominant sex on the high street, but i ...  | Read.. 

CIA agent leak by Rove: Scribe
White House political aide Karl Rove was the first person t ...  | Read.. 

Iraqis fear Saddam trial
The expected announcement of a trial date for Saddam Hussei ...  | Read..