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There was a conference for time travellers at MIT earlier this spring. Iím still hoping to attend, and although the odds are slim, they are apparently not zero despite the efforts and hopes of deterministically minded physicists who would like to eliminate the possibility of your creating a paradox by going back in time and killing your grandfather. ďNo law of physics that we know of prohibits time travel,Ē said Dr J. Richard Gott, a Princeton astrophysicist. Dr Gott, author of the 2001 book Time Travel in Einsteinís Universe: The Physical Possibilities of Travel Through Time, is one of a small breed of physicists who spend part of their time (and their research grants) thinking about wormholes in space, warp drives and other cosmic constructions, that ďabsurdly advanced civilisationsĒ might use to travel through time...  | Read.. 
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What happens when neutral atoms are cooled in a chamber' The question beckoned physicists all over the world to understand fundamental nature of atoms. Why' Because in the next few decades, extremely cold atoms to be used in atomic chips will hold the key in nanotechnology ...  | Read.. 
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Over the last 40 years, heart specialists have learned a lot about the way cholesterol behaves in the body, much to the benefit of people destined to suffer heart attacks or strokes ' at least half of the population. ...  | Read.. 
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Last week, while the worldwide media continued showering accolades on the New York Times columnist Thomas Friedmanís best selling book The World is Flat, a seemingly obscure research paper appeared in the British Medical...  | Read.. 
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