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Birmingham alert keeps Britain on toes
A huge overnight security alert in the city of Birmingham kept Britons on edge today just three days after bombs ripped through London’s transport network killing at least 50 people. ...  | Read.. 
Cameras combed for blast clues
London’s streets, stations and Underground stops are filmed by a dense surveillance camera network which could reveal vital clues in the hunt for the perpetrators of Thu ...  | Read.. 
Blast rocks Turkey resort
A bomb attack in a popular Turkish resort today wounded 20 people, including two foreign tourists, officials said. ...  | Read.. 
Telecom firms told to store mails
British police have asked mobile phone and Internet companies to store the content of voicemails, emails and SMS text messages that were in their systems on the day of the Lo ...  | Read.. 
A Bosnian Muslim on Sunday at the opening of a mosque in Potocari, near the town of Srebrenica. Some 610 victims of a mass murder in 1995 by Bosnian S ...  | Read
Prince on public plane
The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will use a scheduled flight for their first for..  | Read.. 
Rescuers battle horror to recover bodies
It is a grisly task in hellish conditions. Rescue workers braved intense heat and blinding dust..  | Read.. 
Editor attacks charities
The editor of the world’s leading Arab newspaper has l ...  | Read.. 

Timeline for Iraq withdrawal
A leaked British memo outlining plans to bring more than ha ...  | Read.. 

New voice for Pak foreign office
The Pakistan foreign office will have a new spokesperson ne ...  | Read..