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Signs of loss strafe London
In some ways, parts of London are starting to resemble New York after 9/11. Posters are going up of loved ones missing since the bomb blasts of 7/7 – the morning of Thursday, July 7, as London’s rush hour was at its height. ...  | Read.. 
Left sets up Sonia date, plots strike
Left trade unions today pumped fuel into the Bhel divestment fire, calling a countrywide protest against the UPA government’s economic policies on September 29. ...  | Read.. 
Cellphone spills Ayodhya attack clues
Four days after a militant strike on the makeshift Ram temple in Ayodhya, investigating officers are unable to establish the identity of the attackers but think they know where they came from. ...  | Read.. 
US pain needn’t be our gain
Study says science superpower’s dominance is on wane
American dominance in science and engineering may be slipping as its share of graduates in these fields have fallen relative to Europe, China and India, according to a study ...  | Read.. 
A girl holds flowers before laying them outside King's Cross station in memory of the victims of the London blasts. (Reuters)
They are terrorists, pure and simple

whose niece is missing after the London blasts
Deadly mobile rerun
The mobile has given its second wake-up call in less than a month: watch while you speak. ...  | Read..
Bush raises reactor hope
President George W. Bush has indicated that the US would be willing to help India with its nucl ...  | Read..
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Sangh indiscipline rap on twins
Breaking its silence on relations with the BJP after the Surat conclav ...   | Read.. 
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Metro terror shield with seal on extra exits
Two days after the serial blasts in London, Metro Railway and police o ...   | Read.. 
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Police grapple with bomber or timer puzzle
Police revealed that the three bombs on the London Underground, which ...   | Read.. 
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Sourav sticks to travel plans
In the absence of any communication either from the International Cric ...   | Read.. 
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Magical tour for muggles
Managed to get through the past 10 years or so without reading any of Harry ...   | Read.. 
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Gulliver and the Muslims
The Noah's ark nationalism of the early Congress was forced upon it by its ...   | Read.. 
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Mopup proves VAT virtue
With the introduction of the value-added tax (VAT), the state governments ...   | Read..