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A world of anomalies
The highest in the land has confirmed it, we have entered into a strategic partnership with the United States of America; the objective is to crush 'international terrorism'. Things are now happening fast. American immigration officers have moved int...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Hard to please
Sir ' The leftists are behaving irresponsibly as far as their policy framework and political interv ...  | Read.. 
None like them
Sir ' With the demise of Eknath Solkar, the era of excellent slip fielding in Indian cricket has co ...  | Read.. 
It is impossible to think of population control in India without invoking public exemplars, incentives and disincentives. The...| Read.. 
Slow reformers end up changing too little too late. The case of the Great Eastern Hotel could prove this once again. The intr...| Read.. 
An Inspiring Life
Sanjaya Lall, who died of a heart attack on June 18, 2005, was a distinguished economist who made outstanding contributions t...  | Read.. 
If you can take $ 20,000 in one-hundred-dollar bills and walk up on a windy hill and tear them up and watch them blow away, and it doesn't bother you, then you should go into the commodities market. ' DON JOHN TYSON
Liberals and the irrational
Themes and Variations By Amalendu Das Gupta, Papyrus, Rs 250...  | Read.. 
On the tracks of Dracula
The Historian By Elizabeth Kostova, Little, Brown, £ 4.75...  | Read.. 
Army of the willing
The Garrison State: The Military, Government and Society in Colonial Punjab...  | Read.. 
Straight out of a romance
The English Dane By Sarah Bakewell, Rupa, ' 11.40 ...  | Read.. 
The king is dead and gone
Snow By Ellen Mattson, Jonathan Cape, '10.99...  | Read.. 

When the beloved slurps