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Dr Robot on duty, patients are fine
Ries Daniel was waiting in his hospital room the morning after bladder surgery when the door finally swung open. But it wasn’t his doctor. Instead, a robot rolled in, wheeled over and pivoted its 15-inch video-screen “head” toward...  | Read.. 
Lawrence law for Pentagon
The US military has turned to the wisdom of Lawrence of Arabia for guidance on how to win the war in Iraq and understand ...  | Read.. 
Martha prefers prison to ankle tag
Martha Stewart hates house arrest and resents her electronic ankle bracelet, but the lifestyle guru says she has fond memori ...  | Read.. 
Furore over Fanta ad
A television advertisement for Fanta that shows people spitting out the soft drink has been banned in Britain before 9 p ...  | Read.. 
There’s a chink in the armour
The three-storey building on Lee Road seemed impenetrable. A legion of security guards from a private agency formed a ring around it. They were posted at the main gate and at ...  | Read.. 
Helpline: Money matters
I had deposited Rs 5,000 on 31.07.2001 in Century Marine Venture Limited, which is at 3D, Everest House (3rd floor), 46 C, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Calcutta 700071. The maturity value of my certificate is Rs 6,845. The certificate matured on 31.07.2003. I had deposited my certificate along with my maturity cheque to the company for the...  | Read.. 
President George W. Bush jokingly stumbles before his birthday cake (left), prepares to blow out all the candles (centre), and finishes the job at the ...  | Read