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Space capitalists
Paul G. Allen’s first foray into rocketry, as he recalls it, was inauspicious. “My cousin and I tried to build a rocket out of an aluminum armchair leg,” he said. At just 12 years old, the future billionaire raided his chemistry set for zinc and sulfur, and packed the fuel mixture int...  | Read.. 
You are younger than your age
Researchers have redefined what ageing means, so it is not how long you have been alive that counts but, rather, how many years you have got left. The ...  | Read.. 
High on proteins
Who else, but the French would be asked to rustle up a menu for humans’ first dinner on Mars. Two French companies have developed 11 recipes for ...  | Read.. 
White Knight: Simulator for SpaceShipOne pilot training
Space capitalists
Mars aurora
Numbers first
Threat reaction
Misguided notion
Double advantage
It’s like killing two birds with one stone. The scientists at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, have developed a photoelectrocatalytic fuel cell (PECFC) ' a sunlight-driven technology ' to clean up pollutants found in the water supply and cr ...  | Read.. 
Fast signals
Smart hydrogen
Unique emotion
When a celebrity writes about experiencing a health problem, especially an emotional disorder that severely disrupts feelings of self-confidence and competence, it is bound to receive considerable public attention. And so, I hope that Brooke Shields ...  | Read.. 
Defence mechanism
Dietary effects
Lifestyle choice, or a disease'
Painkiller safety needs further probe
Rat poison may aid terrorists
Fungus fights malaria
Contest yields better sperm
QED: Fraud in labs
Once again the image of science has got tarnished. A study, published in Nature early this month, bares it all, saying that the white coat doesn’t guarantee a clean conscience. Scientists also misbehave, falsify, fabricate and plagiarise d ...  | Read.. 
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David Duncan; William Morrow, $25 ...  | Read.. 
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