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Iran votes, rebuffs US barbs
Iranians voted for a President today and their leaders rebuffed US criticism of the poll which pragmatic cleric Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani is the narrow favourite to win. ...  | Read.. 
EU leaders firm, budget deadlocked
Prospects of a deal on the EU’s long-term budget faded today as France dug its heels in on farm subsidies and Britain clung to its widely criticised rebate from EU coffe ...  | Read.. 
UK faces cyber threat
Cyber-security officials in Britain issued an unusually dire alert yesterday, warning that hackers are targeting e-mail-borne viruses against government agencies and high ...  | Read.. 
Queen hit by iPod fever
The iPod fever has caught on with Queen Elizabeth II. ...  | Read.. 
A woman votes in a Tehran mosque. (AFP)
Stuntmen dying to be given an Oscar
Stuntmen are fighting for the right to Hollywood’s ultimate accolade: their own Oscar...  | Read.. 
Michelangelo ‘lesson’ found
Two Brazilian doctors and amateur art lovers believe they have uncovered a secret lesson on human a..  | Read.. 
Monopoly forced into makeover
Monopoly, the world famous board game in which players try ...  | Read..