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Nuancing history
The view in Washington of L.K. Advani's visit to Pakistan and its subsequent fallout on the Indian polity is very different from what it is in New Delhi. The assessment in Washington holds good for Europe, south-east Asia and the Gulf, in countries l...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
To be human
I commend the Italian people for rejecting the assisted fertility referendum that sought to overturn key provisions in the law that bans donations of sperm ...  | Read.. 
Ringing false
Sir ' Misinterpretation of facts to misguide the public is a common trait in Ashok Mitra's articles ...  | Read.. 
It is not the business of the government to be in business. A conflict of interest underpins this axiom. A government is driv...| Read.. 
That it should all go back to Peter Pan is disconcerting. But is there not something already quite bizarre about refusing to ...| Read.. 
The Making of a Hero
The Shiv Sena is perceived as a benchmark in bigotry. Now, a party in West Bengal has started posing a serious challenge to t...  | Read.. 
Remove the blinkers
The divide between the citizens of Europe's oldest republic and its elected representatives could not have been starker. When the French electorate gave a resounding 'Non' ver...  | Read.. 
To ensure safe passage
If the competent authority for the point of entry is not able to carry out the control measures required under this Article, the affected conveyance may nevertheless be al...  | Read.. 
SCRIPSI invades all gestures and actions. Where there used to be events, experiences, passions, now there are nothing but parodies...Parody had completely replaced history. ' RICARDO PIGLIA