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This is a case of missed opportunity. We are in the World Year of Physics and still there is no effort to showcase theoretical physics, mathematics and astronomy as lucrative career options.

One is amazed by the sheer neglect of science as a career in this country where close to 95 per cent of students who have completed 10 years of schooling want to pursue science in high school. Sadly, almost all of them are ‘studying’ science to become engineers, doctors or IT experts. If that is the trend then one can have six-year term in engineering and medicine so people could start early and science education could be free to nurture future Ramans and Ramanujans.

PUZZLE 1: Last week, the ad agency for Dicky Chicky shot five new commercials, one each day Monday-Friday, showing the firm’s poultry products used in some unusual but classic situations. Each ad spot starred a different Hollywood actor playing the character employing the chicken in a famous way. Given the clues below, can you determine what commercial was taped each day Monday-Friday: the full name of the actor and the role he plays in advertising Dicky Chicky'

(1)The Dicky Chicky commercial starring Jack was filmed earlier in the week than the one starring Hackman; Hackman’s commercial was taped earlier in the week than the commercial in which Clint Eastdicky draws a chicken wing from his holster during a gunfight.

(2) Alan doesn’t play Fred Flintdicky, who vainly attempts to put a fryer out for the night.

(3) Nicholson’s role isn’t as George Washingdicky throwing a chicken thigh across the Potomac River nor as Johnny Udicky tossing an over stuffer roaster for a touchdown.

(4) Tom’s commercial was taped the day before Cruise’s was; neither stars as Elvis Presdicky gyrating and singing into a chicken leg.

(5) Alan was in the studio making his commercial earlier in the week than Deniro, whose commercial was filmed earlier in the week than the one featuring Elvis Presdicky.

(6) The Fred Flintdicky spot was taped one day before the commercial starring Robert, who doesn’t play Clint Eastdicky.

(7) Alda’s performance isn’t as Johnny Udicky.

(8) Ironically, Gene, who isn’t Cruise, and Nicholson are costarring in a soon-to-be-released comedy called Moe and Milt Meet Colonel Sanders.

Solutions on June 27


May 30

Mainak Biswas; Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay; Saakallya Biswas; Sreechandra Banerjee; A.Kannan; Saikat Sengupta; Abhideep Bhattacharjee; Manisha Mukherjee; Janet Chitra Nair; Aman Agarwal; Amitabh Roy Sharma; Abhinandan Khan; Arnab Mukherjee; Satwinder Singh; Abhishek Ray; Shanlang Dympep; Sushil Kumar; Moumita Tripathi; Joy Mukherjee; Shreya Chauhan; Vipul Vaid; Rajat Tibrewal; Meitreyi Panchmia; Saurav Saha; Sandeep Kumar Mahapatra; Vivek Agarwal; Amrita Karmakar;Abhishek Sharma;Debabrata Sengupta; T. Sreeveni; Reeshita Sao; Sayantan Mondal; Subrato Ranjan; Rajashree and Rajdip Hazra; S.K. Choudhary; Subhrajyoti Bhattacharya


As usual the response was pretty good. We’re carrying Vishal Lama’s reasoning.

Solution 1: Whispered Promises came in first. Skipper's Gal and Happy Go Lucky tied for second place. Penuche Fudge came in fourth. Near Miss came in fifth.

The reasoning is as follows.

From the first clue we infer that WP is ahead of PF who is ahead of NM.

From the second clue we infer that HGL tied with SG because we know that WP did not tie with PF. From the third clue, finally, we conclude that SG and so HGL must have both finished SECOND, while PF must have finshed FOURTH since we are sure that WP finshed before NM. Naturally, now, WP is FIRST and NM is LAST

Solution 2: The highest possible whole number is 69.4/1+9x8-7 = 69.

Puzzles appeared on May 30

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