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More than four
Scientific progress always entails an almost contradictory set of beliefs. You need to make assumptions to build a mathematical picture of reality. But while you want to be sufficiently excited about your assumptions to think they merit investigation, you need to remain sceptical enough to subject t...  | Read.. 
A question of faith
Resurgence of religious intolerance all over the world could throttle the voice of scientific quest. ďThe suppression of free thinking as well as ...  | Read.. 
Sponger dolphinsí unique hunt
Bottlenose dolphins in Shark Bay in western Australia have an unusual way of searching for food: breaking off pieces of sea sponge and wearing them li ...  | Read.. 
Beyond bookish knowledge
Come summer, students eagerly await the vacation to skip the monotony of poring over textbooks. This summer a bunch of college students have planned t ...  | Read.. 
Trust tonic
Gender bender
Oldest DNA
Missed chance
Wrong note
Simple innovation
Donít miss the show
Years ago, our futuristic fantasies involved robot butlers, video wristwatches and flying cars. These days, we would be happy to have a cellphone with no dead spots, e-mail without spam and the ability to watch any TV show, any time we want it. ...  | Read.. 
Smart computer
Bluetooth hacker
Itís in the bones
My biking partner was in his 80s when he traded in his menís bicycle for a womenís version because he could no longer swing his leg over the high bar. But at least he could still ride a bike. Others his age have far less physical mobility. ...  | Read.. 
A gamble with bacteria
Hourglass clue
Not a shred of ethical doubt
Socioeconomy behind sleepless nights
Viagra links still doubtful
Quick check for oral cancer
Stroke improves artistic skills
QED: Doubtful hiv figures
A fresh controversy has broken out over Indiaís HIV figures. The latest estimates of the number of people living with HIV in India released recently by the health ministry have evoked criticism from doctors and non-government organisations. Some ...  | Read.. 
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Rebecca Goldstein
W.W. Norton; £12.99 ...  | Read.. 
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Why canít we write with both hands at once'
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