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Was Jinnah secular'
The year was 1923, the month was November. Mohammad Ali Jinnah was a candidate in Bombay for membership to the Legislative Assembly. One afternoon, during the election campaign, as Jinnah and M.C. Chagla were going out for lunch, Mrs Ruttie Jinnah dr...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
A matter of choice
Sir ' One perhaps would be stating the obvious if one were to say that Dimple Eric is perfectly rig ...  | Read.. 
Tall tales
Sir ' It is unfortunate that The Telegraph decided to publicize the allegation that an India ...  | Read.. 
Sunny side
Sir ' The report, 'Kalam gives co-travellers a testing time' (June 3), reveals both the gritty and ...  | Read.. 
Confusion has been worse confounded. If Mr L.K. Advani’s encomia about Mohammad Ali Jinnah left most people bewildered, his r...| Read.. 
A moment of poise after uncertainty is all that Goa can expect. The gain of the restored United Progressive Alliance governme...| Read.. 
The ugly face beneath the veil
What happened on the streets of Cairo on May 25 resonated around the world, particularly among those of us in Pakistan who sa...  | Read.. 
Unfriendly neighbourhood
India is hardly alone in facing the problem of large-scale illegal immigration from a neighbouring country. But unlike some other countries...  | Read.. 
Seal the entry points
Where justified for public health reasons, a State Party may designate ground crossings...taking into consideration: ...  | Read.. 
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