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Maoists sorry for blast, say army was target
In a statement, Maoist chairman Prachanda said the attack was against his party’s policy of not harming civilians. “My party has carried out introspection and self-criticism for this grave mistake”, he said. Prachanda clarified that the landmine was actually meant for an army convoy a ...  | Read.. 
Iraq backs away from trial claims
Iraq’s government backed away today from recent claims that Saddam Hussein could be tried within weeks, saying it was up to the country’s independent Special Tribun ...  | Read.. 
Cellphone bully fears rise for UK kids
One in 10 British children say they have been threatened or made uncomfortable by people taking a photograph of them with a mobile phone, according to a survey published toda ...  | Read.. 
‘No human clones’
There will be no human clones this century because the work is dangerous, complicated and unethical, the South Korea scientist at the forefront of stem cell research and clon ...  | Read.. 
Tom Cruise is hugged by his girlfriend Katie Holmes at the premiere of her new film Batman Begins in Los Angeles. (Reuters)
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Fishy find
Gay grind
Tramp tale
Media focus on my life misguided, says Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt is taking on poverty and AIDS in Africa ' and the tabloids. ..  | Read.. 
Fans’ hearts, stars for Jackson
They have hung banners, carried signs and decorated the entrance to Neverland Valley Ranch with pap..  | Read.. 
Dull jobs raise heart disease risk
Dull, steady, unexciting jobs may make the heart beat in an ...  | Read..