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Victims' responsibility
One of the reasons the India Shining slogan was such a bad joke is that the lives of Indian women prove, in a hundred ways, that they continue to be second-class citizens. Indeed, recent events may force even the most optimistic of women to wonder if...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Desperate measures
Sir ' You know liberals are getting worried when the name-calling and outlandish comparisons become ...  | Read.. 
Up in smoke
Sir ' Banning of smoking on silver screen is a hare-brained idea. Since cinema is supposed to mirro ...  | Read.. 
There are always certain signs that a society is composed of normal people. Such a society sits up in alarm when children sta...| Read.. 
All work and some play
Two's company
On the right track
Marching orders
Et tu, Brute'
At home in the world
Is it not singular how some men continue to obtain the reputation of popular authorship without adding a word to the literature of their country worthy of note'...To puff and to get one's self puffed have become different branches of a new profession. ' ANTHONY TROLLOPE
Law of the jungle
Like many in Gellaguda, a tribal village in Orissa’s far-flung Koraput district, Joy Mundagudia can’t figure out th...  | Read..