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Sahirah Zulaikha
Zulaikha was Qainah in the palace of Suhrab Kaiqubad and Malika Drvaspa. She was Hirkil and Chamani. She looked Nazuk, Shirin and Lamis. She had Surayya. All the Ramishin were Mashuf about her. The Shahbano's Duruz dressed her in Munir garments. The ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Landed in trouble
Sir ' When 'Wipro balks at land price' (May 26), it brings out into the open the emptiness of the p ...  | Read.. 
Animal print
Sir ' There were certain errors in the article, 'Green army on clean drive' (May 16), by Anuradha S ...  | Read.. 
Going by past record, it could be said that Indo-Pak relations have never had it so good. After bickering, cross-border terro...| Read.. 
India is becoming crueller to its children. Perhaps there are too many of them everywhere ' miserably poor and with absolutel...| Read.. 
Need for new ways
Sonia Gandhi has been elected unopposed as the Congress president. This is her third term and let's hope that the more dynami...  | Read.. 
Lessons from the past
The conviction of Dara Singh in the Staines murder case, brings to mind a few interesting aspects of the larger debate concerning religious conversion. ...  | Read.. 
Consult, share and inform
Article 11: WHO shall send to all States Parties and, as appropriate, to relevant intergovernmental organizations, as soon as possible and by the most efficient means availabl...  | Read.. 
The denunciation of the young is a necessary part of the hygiene of older people, and greatly assists the circulation of their blood. ' LOGAN PEARSALL SMITH