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Vital clue
Lokman Hakim Mondal, the overweight ‘wonder baby’, made regular headlines until he died on May 22 at the SSKM Hospital. Even bloggers in the Internet had been exchanging the health updates of the 11-month-old kid who weighed 24 kilos. But, surprisingly, his life, or death, did not affect the country’s scientists who just let a tremendous research opportunity slip by them. This, probably, speaks volumes for Indians’ love of things scientific ...  | Read.. 
Gross distortions
It is one of the unlikeliest hits in cinematic history: a documentary exploring the weird world of quantum physics that confounded its subject ...  | Read.. 
Genes to blame for antisocial behaviour
Antisocial behaviour is largely inherited among a significant minority of children who have trouble empathising with others, British scientists have found. A study of 3,687 pairs of seven-year-old ...  | Read.. 
Volcano-size pimples
The shock waves from December’s giant earthquake set off devastating tsunamis. They also set off a series of temblors nearly 7,000 miles ...  | Read.. 
Radar in bird brain
Migratory songbirds perform some neat navigational tricks, feats that are made even neater because most songbirds migrate at night. So they take ...  | Read.. 
Lokman with his mother Ganera Bibi (Pic: PTI)
Vital clue
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Genetic realm
New lease of life
For several years, technology pundits have predicted the death of the palmtop computer. “This is the cellphone age,” they say. “Who’s going to carry around a separate gadget just to look up names and numbers'” But for the sam ...  | Read.. 
Robotic instincts
Cellular chaos
Infectious disease used to be a simple matter: This germ causes that illness. Doctors just had to find the germ, kill it, and cure the disease. But the old rules no longer apply. ...  | Read.. 
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QED: Caste system in labs
With the backing of senior science policy-makers, some of India’s top research institutions may soon throw themselves open to postgraduate, perhaps even undergraduate, science education. Research laboratories with the original mandate of developi ...  | Read.. 
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