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What makes Sharmila’s shehzaadi Soha Ali Khan boil in rage' Does she look like she can spit venom through those pretty pink lips' She admits that though, generally, she is of an even temper it’s just the lack of food that makes her go completely mad. Didn’t we tell you that this delicious one lives on imported red papayas, long back on this page'


Video lessons of life

Is Sushmita a megalomaniac' No, she isn’t. Though we know that Sush keeps a handycam following her everywhere, recording every minute of her life, she has her own philosophy to support that. She admits she’s already recorded hundreds of hours of video footage of her life. But that’s only to remember ' “No one is perfect, least of all me.” Sush has all her special qualities recorded to inspire others and the not-so-special qualities to make everyone aware that one shouldn’t follow her blindly. And what will she do with all the footage' Pass on the wisdom to her daughter' “It’s the best movie I ever made,” she says, and is glad she has captured the different seasons of her life so that she can look back and see the exact pace she grew up. Where have we heard this before'


Mallika Monologues

Whatever people have to say about the sexy Sherawat, after Cannes Mallika’s all set to give a leg-up to her own status and put herself up on the same shelf as international stars like Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg who have done walk-on parts in Vagina Monologues worldwide. Mallika will be seen in a walk-on (that should be good enough) part in the centenary show of Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal’s Vagina Monologues, to be staged at Prithvi Theatres this month. She will be performing the piece, My Short Shirt, which was performed by Hollywood star Marisa Tomei in Mumbai at the International Women’s Day celebration last year. Of course, Mallika didn’t waste time in giving the nod when approached. She always seems to be at the right place at the right time. Got to grant her that.


Deepti denuded: it’s freaky

Deepti Naval is very upset with the producers of her crossover film, Freaky Chakra, directed by K.V. Prakash. The producers wanted to dub it in South Indian languages and she had no problem with that whatsoever. But when she realised that three reels from the original version were removed and replaced with scenes from a porn film, Deepti was of course enraged. In the dubbed version, a nude body-double of Deepti was shot having a bath. Deepti definitely wants to drag the film’s producers to court if they release this version of the film which is called Meera, Aged 45. Trust the South to sleaze up anything.



Reddy, steady, go!

After Musafir, Sameera Reddy almost vanished. But don’t you think she's quit Bollywood. All this while she has been reading scripts and signing films. Surely she wouldn’t want another mistake like Musafir. This time she has signed Ramesh Sippy’s next with John Abraham and Nana Patekar. She has also signed a film to be produced by Tolu Bajaj opposite Vivek Oberoi and Sunny Deol. But that’s not all, she has already completed a Bengali film by Buddhadeb Dasgupta, Kalpurush, opposite Rahul Bose. This last one, to show the world that she is just as hot in a bland cotton sari. While she sheds her glam sham in Kalpurush, Anees Bazmi’s Benaam again shows her with all her voluptuous sizzle in a hot role and hotter Rocky S. creations. She stars opposite Ajay Devgan in this film. But what is this we hear ' the fiery twosome hardly share any chemistry between themselves' Sameera and Ajay were just not comfortable with each other it seemed. Both would rush off to their makeup vans as soon as the director called ‘Cut’. Respective vans, yaar.

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