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Japan says sayonara to suits, welcomes Cool Biz
You see them every summer morning, in the packed commuter trains and offices of central Tokyo: men dressed in wool and polyester, sweating in the 90'F heat. These are the salarymen, the warriors of the Japanese economy, for whom summer is a seas...  | Read.. 
Sarcasm pill for autism patients
Scientists in Israel have cracked the complicated cognitive code that determines whether individuals are able to unders ...  | Read.. 
Have a secret' Get it off the chest on Net
It is more convenient than the confessional, more trustworthy than your best friend and infinitely more satisfying than ...  | Read.. 
Flower girl crosses royal path
When you are two years old, waiting patiently for Queen Elizabeth can be a tiresome business. Brynn Noble had been given a f ...  | Read.. 
Spare the medals and save the child
In the film Meet the Fockers, a proud Bernie Focker tries to impress the parents of his sonís fianc'e by waving to a shelf of trophies. ďI didnít know th...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: Horn please!
We Indians seem to be obsessed with noise ' not to avoid it but to create it. There was a time when we did everything in our power to get away from Calcutta during the Pujas f...  | Read.. 
Brynn Noble breaks rank to play first and then crawl as Queen Elizabeth leaves St Mary and St George Church in Jasper on Sunday. The queen was ...  | Read