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The DNA diet
Some people can devour three-egg omelettes slathered with cheese and indulge in one chocolate bar after another without gaining even a kilo or showing any spike on the cholesterol count. Others seem to get obese just by staring at a fatty food....  | Read.. 
Scan brain, read mind

It’s a kind of mind-reader one always wants to have. Researchers at the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in Kyoto and Princeton University in New Jersey have identified some patterns in the pictures of the brain that indicate particular thought processes....  | Read.. 

Nobelís alter ego
The boys were halfway across a snowfield when the German airplane appeared. Their rifles, clumsily camouflaged, were sticking out of their backpacks. They stood frozen as the plane buzzed in tighter and tighter circles around them, wondering if they should run for the only possible shelter, a large boulder in the middle of the field. ...  | Read.. 
The DNA diet
Racist brain
Better cleanser
Shortest life
Beware of robots
Forgotten genius
Hard to tackle
No tangle of wires
One barrier that has held back the much-hyped convergence of the computer and consumer-electronics industries has been the tangle of wires that is needed to connect the array of home video, audio, Internet and game gadgets. Now the drive to unwire th ...  | Read.. 
Self-copying robot
Vacuum elevator
Hidden danger
Most patients remain oblivious of the danger, and some doctors donít even suspect it. But a new study suggests that life-threatening blood clots in the lungs may be a lot more common in India than assumed by doctors. ...  | Read.. 
Danger with no signal
HIV canít do them any harm
Best variety
Slave trade aided the spread of leprosy
Contraceptive problem
Games restore stroke damage
Seasonal link to menopause
QED: Poaching on fame
Well-versed attorneys may win you cases like this, but after a lot of hassle. Cybersqautting ' occupying a web address which belongs to someone else ' is not an uncommon word these days and people fighting for their own Ďplaceí in the World ...  | Read.. 
Why Corner
Why does slicing onions induce tears'