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Enter Chappell & excellence
Greg Chappell was in a red T-shirt promoting George Bush’s home state, Texas, when he learnt of his appointment as the Team India coach. ...  | Read.. 
Rani readies Black assault on French
Will Rani become the queen of France' ...  | Read.. 
Advani signal to free reforms from politics
Coupled with L.K. Advani’s call to Manmohan Singh earlier in the week to cut dependence on the Left was an offer to support “any reform that is vital for India’s economic progress”. ...  | Read.. 
Bye-bye citizen, hello emizen
Retail loans more than double in two years to Rs 100,000 crore
Meet the emizen. ...  | Read.. 
Enter Chappell & excellence
Manmohan and I may be too old to tango but at least we can clap together

Delhi in Maoist plot: Nepal
Amid speculation that the Indian government is using Left allies to establish contact with Nepa ...  | Read..
Can’t tango, let’s clap: Pervez
Pervez Musharraf today said he spies a “fleeting historical moment” that holds the pr ...  | Read..
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Nepal on its knees for arms
Nepal has made a fervent plea to India for lethal arms and munitions f ...   | Read.. 
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Rivals count chinks, CPM smirks
As the countdown to Sunday's elections to 79 municipalities started, t ...   | Read.. 
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Saddam pictures anger US
Washington promised an investigation today into how pictures of Saddam Hus ...   | Read.. 
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I’ve landed the most exciting job in cricket: Greg Chappell
“Look, if I start giving five minutes to everybody, I won’t ...   | Read.. 
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Largest lottery for land
25,000. Plots: 2,200. Place: New Town. The countdown to Bengal's biggest-e ...   | Read.. 
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What's in a six'
Indian culture not having much time for understatement or self-deprecation, ...   | Read.. 
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SBI beats rate cycle in profit run
It’s party time at the country’s largest public sector bank. Sta ...   | Read.. 
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Antarctica gets heavier every year
The eastern half of Antarctica is gaining weight, more than 45 billion ...   | Read..