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Joss jostles out Sarah as ‘It’ girl
On television, clothing chain Gap’s new pitchwoman caresses a microphone and croons The Right Time, an old Ray Charles ballad. Dressed in a tank top, beads and white jeans, she radiates a neo-hippie charm. ...  | Read.. 
Stolen: Snoring player’s Merc
Thieves made off with an Aston Martin and a Mercedes yesterday when they struck at the '8-million home of the footballer ...  | Read.. 
Washable or not, nappies as bad
Traditional nappies are no more environmentally friendly than the disposable variety, according to a report published by ...  | Read.. 
Words win over smells
Flowery descriptions of wine and food changes the way diners perceive a bouquet or a flavour, according to a study publi ...  | Read.. 
Heartening rendezvous with Tagore
With the opening words of Mor sandhyay tumi sundar beshe esechho, a motley band of singers struck the welcome note by rendering the song based in raga Yaman. The effort...  | Read.. 
Alaap not a preface
...  | Read.. 
A dig at consumerist obsession
For CIMA’s summer show, on till July 16, a catholic selection of paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures from about 46 artists is on view. While a majority are dated 2...  | Read.. 
Enigma of abstractions
Most mythical raga
Creative excursions
Richard Gere at the final session of a Nobel laureates' conference in Petra, south of Amman, on Thursday. (AFP)