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Robo sapiens
When Isaac Asimov mailed his first story, Robbie ' a simple tale about a wistful robot that worked as a little girl’s nursemaid ' to the journal Astounding Science Fiction in 1939, it was rejected. The sci-fi writer had acrophobia ' fear of air travel, space and aliens. That’...  | Read.. 
Asimo’s many Indian cousins
India’s first humanoid robot is waiting for its torso and a name. At the moment, its two legs, two feet, and a hip open at the top, its electroni ...  | Read.. 
Cosmos and cancer
How to produce and probe subatomic particles as well as various isotopes, or various avatars of the same elements, which exist only for a fleeting mom ...  | Read.. 
The self-taught naturalist
The naturalist Gopalchandra Bhattacharya was obsessed with the study of various worms and insects such as the ant, grasshopper, butterfly, termite, sp ...  | Read.. 
Saturn moon
Extinction clue
Solitary wave
Early warning
Unsolved puzzle
Chemical fighter
Psychiatric dilemma
Smarter touch-up
Whoever said “the camera never lies” was either a prankster, a simpleton or somebody who had never heard of Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop, of course, is the world’s most popular ...  | Read.. 
Unbreakable code
Quick charger
Concept on trial
A couple of years ago when two British doctors tossed the idea of a wonder pill ' a combination of six existing drugs ' as a preventive medicine for everybody over 55 to ward off stroke or heart attack, there was an uproar in the medical world. ...  | Read.. 
Worrisome finding
The world goes XXL
Blue wave
Celeb persuasion for cancer screening bad
Mantra averts heart attacks
Drug to boost your alertness
No more rude awakenings
QED: No cynicism, please
India’s space programme hasn’t been immune to comments from the sceptics — those among the public as well as better-informed analysts — who, every now and then, have questioned its rationale, activities and benefits. But perhaps it’s time that they go silent ...  | Read.. 
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Robert Winston
Dorling Kindersley; £ 8.99 ...  | Read.. 
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Why do small mammals have large litters'
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This week: heart surgery