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Beckham tests fashion frontier on birthday
Not many men could get away with wearing the ensemble David Beckham chose for his 30th birthday party in Madrid this week. His black silk shirt was unbuttoned almost to the stomach, revealing a diamond pendant necklace, while his diamond-encrust...  | Read.. 
Dark tones set at Cannes
Murder and suicide opened the Cannes film festival today, setting the tone for what promises to be a dark selection of movi ...  | Read.. 
ĎGood Nazií myth busted
Albert Speer, Hitlerís architect and munitions minister, was fully aware of and involved in the mass murder of Jews ...  | Read.. 
Morgan wins cyber suit
Actor Morgan Freeman, winner of this yearís best supporting actor Oscar for his performance in Million Dollar Baby Read.. 
Art is long, but time fleeting for tycoon
A French billionaire is to move his modern art collection to Venice after claiming that unnecessary bureaucracy had dest ...  | Read.. 
Rock íní roll oldies set to roll again
Itís only rock íní roll but they still like it. ...  | Read.. 
Hello, can you help me'
When 78-year-old Shankar Ganguly, a retired government employee, had a heart attack a couple of years ago, his wife was alone with him in the house. ďI didnít know w...  | Read.. 
Check-out: Insure at your own risk
Planning to buy an insurance policy to protect your household goods and valuables against burglary' If you are, I suggest you look at the terms and conditions carefully befo...  | Read.. 
Jury members Salma Hayek (left), Sarajevo-born director and festival jury president Emir Kusturica (centre) and Nandita Das during a photo call in Cannes on Wednesday. (Reuters)