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Confused values
The value added tax, or VAT for short, which has been introduced in 21 states in the country last April, is certainly one of the most controversial pieces of economic policy adopted in the recent past. To the unprepared commoner it is also the most c...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
A tale replicated
Sir — Years ago, during the hallowed era of Pupul Jayakar and the “festivals of India”, the famous Didarganj Yakshi ...  | Read.. 
Don't dance to their tune
Sir ' Sony Entertainment Television's management of the audition for its new Fame Gurukul sh ...  | Read.. 
Which way is the Telugu Desam Party headed now' The most significant recent sign of movement and change in the party's alignm...| Read.. 
The definition of a people could be at the heart of their politics. Assam's politicians have not found it easy to define who ...| Read.. 
How far up the pipeline'
Over the years, railway ministers ' bent on dispensing favours to their allies ' have promised a score of projects, most of w...  | Read.. 
To strike the right balance
Ravi Visvesvaraya Sharada Prasad explains why the US offers of F-18 and F-16 aircraft may not be particularly attractive to India ...  | Read.. 
Strong arm of the state
Excerpts from the Asian Centre for Human Rights’ 2005 representation to the Committee to Review AFSPA ...  | Read.. 
If you're in the penalty area and aren't sure what to do with the ball, just stick it in the net, and we'll discuss your options afterwards. ' BILL SHANKLY