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India yields on Nepal arms
King Gyanendra has forced India to blink. After weeks of ambiguity, Delhi finally announced today it would resume arms supply to Nepal ...  | Read.. 
Violence mars Rocca visit
Nepali troops killed 31 Maoist rebels who attacked a military base, while a top US official today urged King Gyanendra to restore civil liberties and respect human rights in ...  | Read.. 
Stung Putin
President Vladimir Putin, stung by suggestions Russia should atone for Soviet rule of the Baltic states, today called a border claim by EU-member Latvia 'total nonsense'. ...  | Read.. 
Bush salutes Georgia
To chants of 'Bushi, Bushi,' President George W. Bush hailed Georgia’s new democracy as a 'beacon of liberty' today and in a swipe at Moscow said the sovereignty of the ...  | Read.. 
Helen Hunt at the screening of an HBO mini-series Empire Falls in New York. (Reuters)
Day of orgasm
Super soup
Secret smoker chokes on deodorant
A schoolgirl has died after spraying herself with a fabric deodorant in the bathroom of her fam..  | Read.. 
Cannes, scrubbed for show
The yachts are scrubbed, the red carpet is rolled out, giant movie posters vie for attention on the..  | Read.. 
Korea rejects N-test reports
Reports it could soon conduct an underground nuclear weapon ...  | Read.. 

Code hacker held
Cisco Systems Inc. said today authorities in Sweden had det ...  | Read.. 

US Quran insult angers Pak
Pakistan, a key Muslim ally in the US-led war on terror, ha ...  | Read.. 

In Iran, all run for president
Schoolgirls, factory workers and wizened clerics flowed int ...  | Read..