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Putin in anti-war cry at grand parade
Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, today gave call on the occasion of the Sixtieth anniversary of Victory Day marking the end of World War II, to ensure that there should never be repeat of any war ' 'neither ‘cold’ nor ‘hot’.' ...  | Read.. 
Cold war, on clouds
For a heart-stopping hour it looked today as if President Vladimir Putin would fail to deliver on a promise to provide fine weather for world leaders attending Victory Day ce ...  | Read.. 
Presidents put up bonhomie show
President George W. Bush and Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin put on their own show of bonhomie at today’s grand military parade on Red Square, setting aside political stra ...  | Read.. 
Defence dole for dance
An RAF aircraftswoman received money from Britain’s ministry of defence to re-train as a stripper, it was disclosed yesterday. ...  | Read.. 
President George W. Bush tries to open an umbrella (left) and then struggles to control it (right) as President Vladimir Putin, his wife Ludmilla look on and Laura Bush walks ahead in Moscow. (AP, Reuters)
Clean roots
Bug bite
Grope train
Free market comes with censor chains
China’s communists take pride in turning established ideas on their head. Their latest success ..  | Read.. 
Heaven strikes an Arab chord
A new epic movie about the Crusades has struck a chord in the Arab world, where cinemagoers say it ..  | Read.. 
Dating costly in Britain
Love doesn’t come cheap in Britain where the typical d ...  | Read.. 

Blair rejects quit call, shuffles cabinet
British Prime Minister Tony Blair today rejected calls to r ...  | Read.. 

Scooter ban in Naples
If you can’t beat them, ban their getaway vehicles. ...  | Read.. 

Fresh US offensive in Iraq
US troops launched an offensive in Iraq’s most rebelli ...  | Read.. 

Harry was weak student: Ex-teacher
Prince Harry was a 'weak' student at school whose final wor ...  | Read..