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Organizing trade
The visit of the prime minister of China has triggered many comparisons between India and China. A recent presentation of an ongoing study on China by Jean-Francois Huchet, professor, University of Rennes in France, brought out some less-known facts...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
The right choice
Sir ' The Board of Control for Cricket in India needs to put an end to all the drama and appoint Gr ...  | Read.. 
Vetoed out
Sir ' The UN general secretary, Kofi Annan, has declared in no uncertain terms that there will be n ...  | Read.. 
Science celebrates doubt, religion worships faith. The two domains are thus seen as two opposing poles of human experience an...| Read.. 
Coincidences often have a divine glow about them. Nothing short of a witty divinity or a supernatural CEO could have managed ...| Read.. 
Learn to keep the peace
World War II ended 60 years ago when on May 6, 1945, Germany surrendered unconditionally. Japan held out for three more month...  | Read.. 
A ear to the ground
In recent years, there has been a growing awareness among people working in different fields about the lopsided social and economic growth not only between different states in...  | Read.. 
A letter a day keeps anaemia at bay
Horace Walpole once lamented that letter-writing is a lost art. With more and more people dumping the tangible letter for the intangible email, the lament seems truer now than...  | Read.. 
Happiness is always a work of art: the least fault distorts it, the least hesitation changes it, a little dullness spoils it, the smallest foolish act makes it idiotic. ' MARGUERITE YOURCENAR