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Extreme mania
When the legless man drove up on his own to meet Dr Michael First for brunch in Brooklyn, it wasnít just to show First how independent he could be, despite his disability. It was to show First that he had finally done it ó had finally managed to get both his legs amputated, even though they had been perfectly healthy. ...  | Read.. 
Nicobar people arenít Africans
The ancestors of the Nicobarese arrived on the Andaman and Nicobar islands as recently as 10,000 years ago from Southeast Asia. Indian scientists, exploring the origins of these islanders, have also found that the Nicobarese ...  | Read.. 
Troublemaker hero
Dr Philip Morrison, who helped assemble the first atomic bomb with his own hands, and then campaigned for the rest of his life against weapons that could deliver such devastation, died on April 22 ...  | Read.. 
Extreme mania
New matter
Cells in action
Ant trick
Mobile debate
Coming plague
Fun in living room
Personal computers increasingly fill home entertainment needs. And why not' They are already the repositories for digital photos, music and video collections. With an attached TV or radio tuner and digital video recorder and encoder, they can replace nearly every entertainment device in the house ...  | Read.. 
Water-proof snap
Double-edge chip
Extra cheer
The cuppa has long been a favourite; and should the brew be green, it now brings an extra cheer for men. That is the finding of the first-ever study in men with risk of prostate cancer. ...  | Read.. 
A challenging problem
Just like tonsils 50 years ago
Weighty matter
Stem cells can usher in cancer
Spinach bad for seniors
Monthly jab for alcoholics
Thrill-seekers put off women
QED: Sponsored science
Last week another skeleton tumbled out of the closet of big pharmaceutical corporations when a researcher blew the whistle over ghost-written publications in medical journals. The revelation confirms what medical ethicists have been suspecting for yea ...  | Read.. 
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