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Moscow brushes aside Baltic bug
President George W. Bush flew to Moscow today to attend a World War II anniversary and headed for talks with President Vladimir Putin likely to be strained over US calls for Russia to be more democratic. ...  | Read.. 
Putin asks old club to stay together
Russian President Vladimir Putin today urged leaders of the 12-member club of ex-Soviet states, some of them already shifting to the West, to stick together to fight extremis ...  | Read.. 
Neo-Nazi march stopped in Berlin
A neo-Nazi march in Berlin was stopped by thousands of anti-fascist demonstrators today after a tense standoff that overshadowed Germany’s ceremonies marking the end of ...  | Read.. 
US to build tsunami road
US deputy secretary of state Robert Zoellick signed an agreement today to build a $245-million road along Aceh’s western coast, one of the first of many huge projects to ...  | Read.. 
President George W. Bush with Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) at the latter's residence on Sunday. (Reuters)
Spain royals
Harry at Sandhurst
Hunt on for Earth-like planets
Ten years after finding the first planet outside our solar system, scientists say they may be ready..  | Read.. 
Sunni setback to Iraq cabinet
Iraq’s parliament approved six new ministers today hoping to fill the political void that has ..  | Read.. 
Blair-baiters in Brown call
Members of Tony Blair’s Labour party called today for ...  | Read.. 

Myanmar blast
Opponents of Myanmar’s military regime today denied th ...  | Read.. 

Nepal parties plan protest
Major Nepali political parties today warned of fresh street ...  | Read.. 

Australia plane
A plane carrying 15 people crashed in bad weather in far no ...  | Read.. 

Crash or not, party goes on
The railway firm involved in Japan’s worst train disas ...  | Read..