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The East as a career
If, as I claimed in my last column, the two questions tirelessly asked of Indian writers in English ' 'Which audience do you write for' and 'Are you exoticising your subject for a Western audience' ' if these two questions are among the vulgarized ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
A matter of faith
Sir ' It's both ludicrous and astonishing that the top brass of one of the country's premier scienc ...  | Read.. 
It's not just love
Sir ' Let me attempt a simple examination of some comments Ashok V. Desai makes in 'Muhabbat-i-Mush ...  | Read.. 
Time was when Bengalis could easily bring together their home and the world. One has only to think of the attempt by Michael ...| Read.. 
Capital crimes
Songs sung true
Party time, folks
Philosophy no bar
Man on the move
Mother of thine
Detach the writer from the milieu where he has experienced his greatest sense of belonging, and you have created a discontinuity within his personality...The result is his originality, his creativity comes to an end. He becomes the one-book novelist or the one-trilogy writer. ' HENRY ROTH
Who’s afraid of Dawood Ibrahim'
Once he held the underworld in his sway. Today, minus a number of his key henchmen, and with recruitment to his ranks slowing down, the snake, Mumbai police believe, has been defanged. Sudipta Basu and Satish Nandgaonkar report ...  | Read..